Hi doc,i am from Trinidad and Tobago in the caribbean.I must say i am so impressed by your work and I value your wisdom and practical hands on approach in these forums.YoU have given me so much peace of mind .I suffer from ocd...recently approximately 2 weeks ago myself together with other police officers were called to arrest a man that had broken a restricted barrier at a park.The alleged man was bitten by a pitbull on his leg and it had blood on his RIGHT THIGH.We got there approximately after 8 mins of the alleged attack.later on it was discovered the man was hiv positive and on meds.I was one of the officers that held on to the man and placed one his hands behind his back and another hand of mine on his shoulder.I never came into contact with the bloodied wound on his thigh period ,I am certain of that.i held on to his wrist not his palms.it had no sign of visible blood nor did it had any scrapes or visible scars actually the guy was quite dry from the waist up lol with no signs of any type of cuts or bruises.When we took him into custody the wound appproximately 5 cm had already began to clot. WE did not have latex gloves at the time .Is it possible that i could have contracted hiv from some micro dry blood on his wrist if he had any at all? 2] Also while he was talking a speck of spittle flew on my lips is there a possible risk of transmission as his mouth was dry and he was really throwing boulders.ONCE AGAIN I HAD NO CUTS ON MY SKIN OR HANDS AND I NEVER EVEN CAME CLOSE TO TOUCHING THE WOUND,the parts of his wrist and shoulder i took hold of were totally dry with no visible cuts scrapes and bruises, as i ensured i made a visual inspection of the said areas before i touched them...the guy was not even sweating.IS MY OCD HAVING THE BETTER OF ME? . ACTUALLY I WAS SO CERTAIN I DID NOT PLACE MYSELF AT RISK TO CONTRACT ANYTHING , UNTIL I DISCOVERED HE WAS POSITIVE AND ALL THE WHAT IFS STARTED PLAYING GAMES ON MY MIND. MAYBE YOU CAN VISIT MY ISLAND SOMEDAY ITS BEAUTIFUL .I WILL BE DONATING .DO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!


Hi Worried Caribbean Police Guy,

"Is my OCD getting the better of me?" Yep! In fact, your OCD is OOC (out of control)!

To specifically address your questions:

  1. "Micro dry blood" is not an HIV-transmission risk, even if it were present.

  2. Spittle is not an HIV-transmission risk.

There is no doubt the "what ifs" are playing games with your mind. These fears are totally unwarranted. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. HIV testing is not warranted.

Thank you for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). It's warmly appreciated. By the way, I have visited Trinidad and Tobago. I agree it's absolutely beautiful.

Be well!

Dr. Bob