Worried mommy needs help!


I know that in dried blood Hiv is dead but what if water gets onto the blood....would it then reactivate the viral agents? I am concerned as my family and I were staying at a hotel and my little ones were taking a bath and I did not notice prior to them having gotten their wet feet on the floor that there was what appeared to be a blood stain on the floor. I am very worried since my daughter had a previous cut on her foot and not sure if the wetness of both her foot and the stain on the floor could have made transmission possible(including hepatisis C as well).....please I would appreciate any input to see if I should get my children tested for anything!



Relax Mom. Your worries are unwarranted. HIV does not reactivate when you add water. It's a virus, not a chia pet! Frevinsakes! Once it's dead, it stays dead. Your little rug-rats are find and dandy. No testing is warranted.

Dr. Bob