HI, doctor I am really worried. I have tested Positive for elisa test 4 times but negative for western blot 4 times. My doctor did viral load test 4 times and it came out negative all the time. my cd 4 count is normal. I am so worried that It might have caused anxiety disorder. 1. do you think HIV symptims would show up after 9 months. I felt little dizzy and had loose stools 2. do you think my western blot is false negative 4 times. Please reply back!!! Thanks!!!



A reactive (positive) ELISA coupled with a negative Western Blot is considered a negative HIV screening! Consequently you've had four negative HIV-screening tests! Viral load testing is generally not used for HIV diagnostic screening; however, you've had four undetectable HIV PCR RNA tests (viral load), which corroborates what we already knew: You are definitively, conclusively and WOO-HOO-ably HIV negative.

There was no clinical indication for obtaining a CD4 cell count. Yours was normal, as would be anticipated.

Responding to your specific questions:

  1. Your "symptoms" are not HIV related, because you do not have HIV!

  2. No, of course not.

If my reassurance is not enough to quell your anxiety, you should seek help from your doctor. Counseling (psychotherapy) and anti-anxiety medications can be extremely helpful in situations like yours.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob