I was the worlds biggest worried well, but just found out im negative,please post my story


Hello Dr. Bob and Co.,first I would like to thank you Dr. Bob and all the other great people who dedicate so much of there lives on thebody.com helping others. One day you will all be commended with medals of honor for your contributions to mankind. I have been following these forums for the last 3 years now and have to say that they have saved my life, I never imagined that I would be making a post that I was a former worried well but there is a GOD and Miracles do happen. One happened today when I got the results of my hiv test back (NEGATIVE)WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and I am just so gratefull and relieved,even though it will take some time to get back into the swing of things. Well let me just tell you my story because if it even helps one person then that would be the greatest thing that I could do to become like The Great Dr.Bob. For the last 3 years I have been completely convinced that I had hiv and believe me my risk was very high, unprotected vaginal with blood, I dont know if it was her period or from the massive size of my ...i'll leave that one to Dr.Bobs imagination =), and I also performed cunnilingus on her with some blood also, I know, Ughh. She lived in the worst city you could live in and worked as a stripper/prostitute so it doesnt get any higher risk then that. Im not any better then her or anyone for that matter I have learned from all of this because were all equal and make the same mistakes so I have nothing bad to say about her. So after the first few days I got a stabbing pain in my penis and a green drip. I caught gonoreah and I was sure that I caught the you know what with it. Well I was afraid to go to the doctors to get it treated because I didnt want to hear the bad news that I got the big sick so I let it just sit there for a couple of months until my teste tube swelled to the size of a garden hose and I could no longer walk without without having to sit down every 10 seconds,boy was that painfull, well I just had the biggest gut feeling like this was it I finally caught it and what the heck was I going to do. So I finally went to the er and got treated with doxycycline and luckily the doctor didnt mention the hiv so I was happy that at least no one would no I had it and that when the symptoms started showing I would just go and find a secluded place to live my last days so that no one would ever know I had this horrible disease, I'll tell ya the stigma and fear attached to this virus is just as deadly as the virus itself, if not more. So after the clap cleared up I felt good for about 3 days then bam , all the weird symptoms started popping up, first it was slightly mild sore throat and then maculopapular rash on my trunk, exactly like it is described on the 3,543,543,432 google citations ive searched since 2002, and then came the mouth sores, cracks on the corners of my lips, weight loss of 10 lbs, oral ulcers, burning strange skin feeling, unrelenting diareahh that lasted for 2 1/2 years straight, I couldnt even finish eating a meal without having to rush the bathroom, my hair started changing color and falling out from being so dry and brittle, and my eyes and mouth got extremely dried out, the fatigue was debilitating and I noticed what looked like follicitus all over my lower legs, even my urine developed a very strange odor very strong and weird, I was peeing every 30 seconds, and I couldnt breath I really thought I was going to die just from that alone it was so bad I had to quit smoking cold turkey right then and there and ive was a smoker for 12 years before this, basically when I look back now I realize that my whole body was totally inflamed, but after every symptom appeared it was just further confirmation that I had the dreaded hiv in me, and that I caught it from a really bad sexual experience that I didnt even enjoy, I figured I was the most unlucky guy on the planet and I even contemplated suicide because I just couldnt live knowing that I would know my own expiration date, but im so glad that I didnt do that now, whew talk about close calls. I lost all interest in life and became a very miserable person. I lost my great longtime girlfriend,even though the relationship wasnt so great it still hurts to lose someone you love. I couldnt work from the fatigue, so I went from job to job just trying to make enough to pay the bills. Well after the first month those symptoms started I forced myself to go and get the test, I was so afraid that I was in tears when the lady was drawing my blood, and she prayed with me because she knew how scared I was, then the big day came to get the results and I dragged my mother in with me to get them because I needed someone who has always been there for me to be with me to hear the bad news, and the nurse sat me down and told me that the test was negative. I did not believe it though I tried too but I just didnt believe it, the symptoms were so real and I thought I probably couldnt make any antibodies because of the state of health I was in at the time, the untreated gonoreahh, the window period, you name it, so I just spent the next 3 years living thinking I had it and had the slightest and I mean slight glimmer of hope in the very far back of my head that it would at least come out some way and I wouldnt have to be subjected to the result thing again, but I was too afraid to think positive so I just thought the worst and hoped for the best. The word positive became my worst enemy, everything was telling me I had it not just the symptoms but signs on buses that talked about hiv tv shows, whatever I did it was there reminding me in some sort of way that I just couldnt escape it and that my life as I knew it was over and to just get ready for the after life, which wasnt any comforting either because I thought I was going straight to hell anyways because I caught this thing in the first place, the guilt was tremendous, too much for one person to handle. Well I have learned so much from this experience and im glad I went through it because it has given me a whole nother outlook on life and it has shown me whats really important, helping others at all times, and it has helped me deal with alot of problems I had from childhood and I hope to God that I can continue with these new skills He has given me. So for those 3 years I spent as much time as possible,thousands of hours litterally searching the web, I could probably be a medical assistant with all I know now, no kidding, and just a few weeks ago I finally got the courage to go and get tested again so that way I could get the haart treatment and hopefully start to love a better life and regain my health,btw the meds they have for this disease are miracle drugs, there have been millions of lives lost in the pursuit of making the meds so please recognize those that have not been fortunate enough to survive this plague and keep everyone afflicted with this virus in your hearts and prayers all the time, so even if you do turn up positive which I know you wont 110% anyways but just so you know they do have treatment that gives you a normal healthy lifespan, hopefully that will help you get tested sooner. Just go and get tested and be alive again,the odds are overwhelmingly in you favor that you are negative,you have a better chance of hitting the powerball for 300 million 5 times in a row, so if you think your that unlucky go and play the lotto instead and then if you win you can donate it all to Dr. Bob's charity, not knowing will reak just as much havok on your life it is simply not worth wasting valuable years of your precious life, so go ahead and get tested and may the Good Lord Almighty be with you, he always is dont worry, just say Jesus, son of God please be with me and he will be I promise you and please please please just wear a condom, because you dont even need this virus to ruin your life just the fear will do it, besides there is so much free porn online to masterbate to you dont even need to have sex, well thank you for taking your time to read this and think about all the little children and men and women with this virus and please find the courage to get tested so that you can see that you were healthy the whole time, just mentally sick, so that way we can all help those who really need it the most. God Bless You All , Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


w Boston,Ma


Hello Boston-Guy,

Thanks for taking the time to write in and share your story. I'm not sure "All Prayer Works Miracles," but I am sure a condom properly used prevents HIV!

Stay safe. Stay well. Happy Holidays.

Dr. Bob