World cup time- remember me?


Dear Dr Bobinino,

My question is related to IgM, IgA and occasional mildly reactive lymphocytes and delves into your board certified immunology.

So 11 months on since I emailed you last time, back in the time of the world cup following a sexual encounter, I have found my IgA and IgM are still raised and symptoms persisting.

IgA - 2.99 g/l IgM - 2.23 g/l (IgG - 9.4 g/l)

(persistently raised for two tests over 6 months; both very small reduction since last test).

Normal CRP (<5) and ESR (2).

Also my blood smear shows occasional mildly reactive lymphocytes.

What can you say about these results?

Should I be retesting for HIV? I had multiple, negative test to 6 months and negative RT PCR at 5 weeks.

I had negative syphillis and hepatitis screening at 6 months also.

I have what appears to be telogen effluvium, occasional bad headaches, rashes (photosensitive), a few large boils/ skin infections on my limbs and occasional areas of skin peeling (tiny circular areas) to larger patches on feet.

Or should I get tested for SLE? Or what?

My doc wants another HIV test.

I am scared of the unknown, worried and really need your help/ advice.




Hey Stevie,

Welcome back to the forum. Of course I remember you.

What would I as a board-certified clinical immunologist say about your results? I'd advise they are nothing to be concerned about!

Should you retest for HIV? Nope! You've had "multiple negative tests out to 6 months and negative RT PCR at 5 weeks." You just can't get any more negative than that Stevie!

Regarding further evaluation of your symptoms, it's difficult for me to comment based on having only limited information and not being able to examine you. I would suggest you consult an internal medicine physician. He will take a more complete history, review all your lab work, perform a physical examination and then proceed with whatever further diagnostic workup may be indicated. Whatever is causing your symptoms, one thing is certain: it's not HIV!

Good luck. Stop worrying about a disease you couldn't possibly have, OK?

Dr. Bob