World Aids Day 2010


Dr. Bob,

I am always on this forum reading all the posts and hoping someone will ask my type of quetion. Everything I read is about low risk situations. My situation was high risk (no condom receptive vaginal intercourse, the guy came inside me, over 6 mo ago.)Anywho how long does serconversion take? Does it take more than 6 mo for antibodies to show up in standard tests? What if I am that rare case, the 1 in a million person that has the virus and my antibodies have not been detected?! Dr Bob please help me understand. Lets knock out this virus! No more HIV!

Your faithful follower.


Hello Faithful Follower,

Many others have asked questions nearly identical to yours!!! Check the archives!

The vast majority of folks infected with HIV will have detectable levels of anti-HIV antibodies in their blood (test HIV positive) within four to six weeks follow primary infection with the virus. A small minority may take longer (three to six months) to seroconvert. Your fears about being the one in a million case are unwarranted.

As for knocking the virus out, there is nothing I would like better than to cure HIV and heal the 33,000,000 of us struggling to survive with the virus.

Dr. Bob