Working in India While HIV Positive: An Expat's Concerns (Editor's Pick)


Good Day. I've received suggestions to work in India and need to apply employment visa. Could you let me know is it possible to work HIV+ people in India (more than 2 years)? Is non-cost ART treatment available for expatriates? Can expatriates with HIV get health insurance in India? Thank you for any information


While India formally removed travel restrictions getting into India for HIV+ people, you need to be aware that HIV is still a significant stigma to most of the population and as such discrimination causes most to be very private about their condition.

Health insurance is handled by the private insurance sector and purchase of policies is strictly voluntary, not unlike the U.S. before Obamacare. That means they will only sell policies to people who are "healthy".

As far as availability of medication, the World Bank has contributed several billion dollars to help India deal with HIV, but I could not confirm whether any of that is used to provide medications.

If you seriously want to work there, I encourage you to speak at length with some students studying here from India or even visit an Indian consul or embassy.

Good luck.