WOO-HOO ! i had every symptom


To all you out there who are worrying right now, that you have got HIV, however rational you may think you are being by looking at your symptoms, you are NOT. Trust me. Listen i had every symptom in the book: dysphagia (inability to swallow) ARS look-alike rash (raised sunburn with palpations), neorpathy that felt like someone hit my funny bones in my arms (it hurt too!), flu for 2 days, what i thought was oral thrush, emergence of Geographic tongue, red spots that kept appearing and dissapearing, folliculitis, severe headaches, PROFUSE nightsweats that has lasted for 2 weeks, extreme fatigue, tendinitis, neck pain, bruising for no reason, receeding gumline, loose stools/diahreah for 2 weeks, man this list goes on and on. BUT TRUST ME if you are worried about it, it will come! Anxiety causes immunosupression, that's a known fact. Anxiety causes diahreah (explosive at times), Anxiety makes you go crazy. I still can't come up with an explanation as to what my symptoms really were except: anxiety/guilt/self-anger... I had gone on a tailspin thinking I had infected my close loved ones (sharing tobacco pipe w/ my brother when our lips were both bleeding) People probably called me "david downer" but listen to the doc when he says HIV symptoms dont equal HIV disease. I've wasted 100s of dollars on medical exams and missed out on countless social opportunities because i thought i was infected. I was on the verge of destroying my life. I knew for sure i was poz. Anyway: I am determined to help anyone through these window pains because I know they're painful, bigtime. So soon i will have a website showing u the pics i took, how i felt day in and day out, what experiences i had. Maybe it will help all you worried-wells. Doc, my tests were difinitive: I am 100% HIV negative, and I've never felt better in my entire life. Thanks so much for you're tremendous support and contributions to these archives... (even though u never answered any of the 20 messages i sent you u bugger) haha. I am sending a very big donation your way. MUCH LOVE* and good karma*


Hello "David Downer," now known as Ulysses Upper!

I was going to answer those 20 messages, but every time I tried, I would get up to explaining why symptom #9875 or thereabouts was not HIV related, my fingers would cramp up from typing or a new question from you (with even more symptoms) would arrive and I would start all over again. At any rate, we much prefer you as Ulysses Upper rather than David Downer. (I had difficulty coming up with a "U" name other than Uma, or Uraih)

Thank you for:

  1. sharing your experience,

  2. your advice to other worried well downers,

  3. understanding about those 20 unanswered questions and

  4. your generous and compassionate donation!

All are warmly appreciated,

Dr. Bob