Why won't my chlamydia go away?


Hello. I am 15 years old and I have recently went to the doctors and have found out that I have been diagnosed with chlamydia. I was given two pills to take (azithromycin). Well they told me it would only take a week to go away. As of yesterday it has been one week and i'm still having white discharge. Not as much as before, but i'm still having it. I don't know what's wrong? I'm scared somethings wrong with me! During the one week I had a sexual contact with a guy. Yes he wore protection and it was no longer than 5 minutes. I was just helping him get off. Other than that I haven't done anything. I don't know what to do. I'm really scared and only 15!! What should I do?! Do you have any advice, and or what's wrong with me? Please and thank you!!!!!!


Hello and thanks for your question.

It's not entirely clear to me why your still having discharge, but I'd suggest going back to your doctor to be checked.

Be sure to let your health care provider know about your new exposure, and as always, be safe and be well.