Women underwear fetish-fear of STD infection


Hello Dr., I have read some of the answers on your forum and have got a little idea about the answer to my query but I will still like you to confirm it, please.

I have been masturbating in women underwear which I used to steal from the laundromat nearby my house. Sometimes the underwears were washed but sometimes they weren't. Is there a risk for me to be infected by any STD (including HIV) like this? I am not sure if the underwears had any stains or not on them. Please reply to my question. P.S: I will be donating to your organization.



Your STD/HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent, but you already knew that, didn't you? Of course you did. The only real risk I see is getting caught nicking someone else's knickers! Those Victoria Secret lacy crotchless panties are damn expensive. Dude, you need a better hobby. Have you considered dating a real girl rather than just feeling their undies? It's way more fun. "Trust me, I'm a doctor." I'll repost below similar anti-pilfering stories.

Be well.

Dr. Bob

Used Panties Aug 26, 2008

I found a used pair of panties at the laundromat. They were unwashed, and there was a spot on them with dried vaginal secretions. Can I get any STD's from licking it or putting my penis on the dried vaginal secretions?


Response from Dr. Frascino


Another panty thief! I had no idea knickers were so difficult to keep a hold of. I knew people stole cell phones, iPods, wallets, purses and the occasional presidential election, but soiled panties??? (See below.)

Your STD/HIV worries are completely unwarranted. Lick away! (But I really do think it's easier to clean them in the Laundromat washing machine, don'.)

Dr. Bob

Licking Panties (PANTY PARANOIA) (PANTIES, 2008) Aug 3, 2008

Hi Doc,

I didnt want to bug you so i triend to do my own research and read up on my issue but i couldnt find an exact scenario. So anyways, yesterday I was at my friends house and i made up an excuse to go to the washroom. On my way, i noticed that the laundry room door was open, so i went in. I found a pair of his moms panties on the floor, i stuffed them in my pocket and went home. When i got home i noticed there was a small yellow stain on them. I licked it and masterbated. what are the chances that i have hiv? If they were washed? or unwashed? The stain was dry.


Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Panty-Licker-Guy,

Washed or unwashed, stained or pristine, your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. HIV does not live for long outside the body. By the way, do you really think your friend's mom is HIV positive? As for your panty paranoia, you are not alone. (See below.) The only real risk I see is your getting caught head first in the dirty close hamper with your pockets stuffed full of Mom's soiled g-strings. In which case, as Ricky often said to Lucy, you'd have some 'splainin' to do!

Dr. Bob

Can i get HIV from panty? Jul 31, 2008

Hi just very worried..i got a panty from my couzins cabinet.i put it on my penis and masturbated.and used it to whipe all the semen can i get HIV from that??im so worried.

Response from Dr. Frascino


I have often reminded readers of this forum to check the archives for the information (or reassurance) they seek, because I've answered so many questions over the years that nearly every imaginable sexual situation or fetish has been addressed. Even your question about stealing panties and using them to "burp the nephew" is not unique! Take a look below!

Dr. Bob

HIV from panties (PANTY PARANOIA) (PANTIES) May 23, 2008

I found a pair of panties in the grass on my way home a few days ago. They were dry and didn't seem to have any stains/mark on them. I'm ashamed to say that i stuffed them in my pocket and took them home to masturbate by wrapping them round my penis Could i be at risk of contracting HIV?

Response from Dr. Frascino


Another panty-guy? You guys should form a club or something. (See below.) Your HIV risk is nonexistent. Spend some time reviewing the information on this site related to how HIV is and is not transmitted. I'll reprint below some questions from other panty-fixated dudes.

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob

Please select me, mentally dying over here in India dude - the pantie-stealing-guy again from Germany! Apr 17, 2008

Please select me, mentally dying over here dude - the pantie-stealing-guy again!

Please I beg you buddy, can you please answer my follow-up questions, about to marry my cousin dude - ~1 month ahead! Traditional ceremonial stuff has already started Bob, I'm right now in India! It's not Germany where I could seek help very easily.

This email very is short considering my old "Please answer, I beg you, please answer this begger!" email. So please take you merry sweat time to reply, but please reply before this Friday - they are going to set a fix wedding date dude. I truly admire you, - but somehow I have the feeling you think that I'm a bastard kind of guy, right? Whatever you Bob, please answer point 6 at least.

My final questions:

  1. Did you read my email completely and did replied factually on the facts I have told you? or did you brush me off somehow because I am mental case? * no offense 2. Does the use or NO use of detergent play any role in these scenarios? 3. Does a cracked penis skin play any role in these scenarios? 4. What about the risk of me picking up a pantie from the street. * you can find the whole story in the SIDE NOTE section of my old email 5. What if she hand washed her clothes with no detergent? 6. In point 2 of my old email, the pantie was not fully dried AND maybe had a stain (vaginal fluids maybe, but it was no blood stain for sure) in the crotch part - does this play any role? any detergent used or not, is an unknown variable! The pantie was washed for sure, but maybe the stain did not completely wash away.

  2. Do you think I am HIV negative considering my whole old email and current extra detail in point 6 (stain part) of this email? 8. Finally do you think that I need a HIV test? or not needed at all? Gonna marry if no HIV test is needed!

Otherwise I'll have to test before this situation gets out of hand. Please advise again.

Thank you, and I love you. Really. When I get back to my country I will try to donate, it's in my completely rational mind! Hahah hahah. I debt always. Yours only truly nuts friend.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Mentally Dying Panty-Stealing Guy,

Now exactly which part of "your HIV fears are completely irrational and unwarranted" are you having difficulty understanding?

To respond to your repetitive final questions:

  1. Yes, I read it as well as the gazillion follow-up questions you've sent since. No, I did not brush you off. But yes, you are indeed a mental case.

  2. No.

  3. No.

  4. No risk.

  5. No risk.

  6. No.

  7. Yes.

  8. No. (HIV testing is not recommended or warranted!)

I once again advise you to add HIV to your impressive list of irrational hypochondriacal fears: testicular cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, etc.

I also once again strongly urge you to seek psychiatric help, because you are one screwed up nutcase.

Finally, even if you are "mentally dying" or whatever, if you have additional questions or worries about your stolen-panties antics, you should address those questions and concerns to your shrink, not me! I really have nothing else to offer you. I'll repost your original question below, just in case any of our readers are missing a pair of panties.

Dr. Bob

Please answer, I beg you, please answer this begger! Mar 31, 2008

Sir Bob,

I mailed you one pretty long HIV related, and pantie filled email a few days ago, no answer yet. I always thought I had testicular cancer before I got it screened after 10 years or so, and guess what I have no cancer - just something called "bag of worms" harmless. In these 10 years, I thought that I had brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, etc. and repeatedly held very long farewells at school before each summer. See how stupid and irrational I am!

I'll try to beg you, since I am not in position to actually help your NGO financially like most people are - sorry about that. So here is the real deal, I am not about to propose, already happed, got engaged over the phone and actually ABOUT to enter this arranged marriage (happily). I am from western Europe, she is from India - we are cousins. It OK in our tradition, no offense. Never even kissed a girl, and afraid about HIV, those panties are giving me sleepless nights.

Please answer my pantie related near silly questions, please these are real life questions - it's not a hoax or a joke! Wedding is about 2 months ahead!

Noticed you haven't replied to any question for a fews days got me worried. Thank god you replied on the 29th to a few people in need. Please include me in your next selection. I need you, please Sir Bob.

Below is my old email just for the record, in case you can't find it anymore. Please I beg, really depressed right now. I know it not your job to make everyone happy, but try me! _____

Hi Robert,

Sorry this may sound like all those pantie questions you have in your archive, but really I had to ask mine - since I think I have different case.

I never had sex, not even oral just or kissing, and I think these stupid encounters below might ground me for life. This issue has come up again in my mind after so many years of rest, anyways I need to know your answer now, it's killing me! By the way I have never done it again, I do not steal/ or pickup panties anymore.

I have rash on my back these days (concentrated on my upper back), started about 2 weeks ago, maybe I had all the time but it's now more prevalent. These are small red/purplish slightly raised dots, that if you press them they loose their color - because the blood goes away for a few seconds. Might be HIV rash? Anyways I am about to propose to my girl, and really worried that my life will fall apart because of this.

About 7-10 years ago:

  1. I stole a g-string from my neighbors washing line, it was washed and dry. Put on, and later wrapped it around my penis to masturbate, due to friction I might have cracked some skin on my penis. Is there any risk of me getting Hiv? Do not know, if she used any detergent at all, all I know is that it must have been washed, since it was left to dry with her other clothes. Later I washed it for her, and put it back there!
  1. Few weeks later I again stole a pantie from my neighbors washing line, Put on, and later wrapped it around my penis to masturbate, due to friction I did crack some skin on my penis, because I later washed my penis, and the soap was irritating on the cracked space, due to coming in contact with blood I guess. The pantie was washed for sure, but do not know if she used any detergent, or if she did a cold or hot cycle. This time around the pantie was not fully dried, not really wet also, but more than damp. Is there any risk of me getting HIV through my cracked penis skin?

  2. I might have tried to push the little bit if of these panties in my anus, but just a tiny bit. Not sure if I did it! Cant really recall for sure! Hiv risk from this encounter?

  3. This neighbor of mine, is an African escort girl, so please take this in to your expert answer. AND what is she has not washing machine and hand washed her clothes, with no detergent?


This one took place about 2 years after I first started this crazy thing with my escort neighbors laundry.

  1. Stole a few panties from her bedroom draw, while I was helping her at her home with her TV settings. The panties where dry, do not know if they where washed or not! Although most probably they where washed, since I think that I did not notice any stains on them. I stole about 4/5 panties.

I put those panties on, one after one, sniffed those panties and wrapped one of them to masturbate with around my penis. I did not lick them! Due to friction I think I cracked some skin on the head of my penis. Can I get Hiv from this encounter?


DATE: somewhere between my first neighbor and second neighbor pantie encounters.

I once picked up a wet pantie form the street, no one was looking! I was wet from the rain or at least also from the rain, and it had a bit mod on it, I took it home and washed it with Dove mild hand soap before doing the same what I did with the other panties, including cracked penis skin. Might have touched my mouth or so, after picking it up, but I doubt I could be so stupid. And I might have cut on my hands, not sure - since I was in my teenage years, you know how rough we can be!

Lastly I do not know if the panties where washed or used panties before I took them home and cleaned them with my hand soap.

Sorry for my English, if my English where better I would have been able to make my question shorter sorry. Really sorry! Please answer my lingering questions one after one, because I not a completely rational person in these hiv/aid scenarios. And do dates really matter, because I am not sure where this SIDE NOTE pantie case really fits in the time-line? Please help, I need some rest after 7-10 years, need you for guidance, but give it straight to me OK Rob!

Worried-25-years-old-straight-guy. No offense.

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hello Panty-Stealing-Guy,

So 7-10 years ago you had an African escort living next door and on several occasions you stole her panties or g-strings, put them on, shoved them up your butt and masturbated with them to the point that the friction caused the skin on your tallywhacker to crack. Two years later you stole panties from your neighbor's bedroom drawer. You then wore them, sniffed them and again used them to masturbate to the point the friction cracked the skin on the head of your one-eyed monster.

In addition you report you thought you had testicular cancer for 10 years before being screened and told you don't. You've also thought you've had brain cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer.

You have never had sex. In fact you've never even kissed a girl, but you are now engaged via an arranged marriage to marry your cousin from India. Something about this entire scenario does not have happily-ever-after written all over it.

Your HIV fears are completely irrational and unwarranted. You can now add HIV to your impressive list of irrational hypochondriacal fears: testicular cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, etc.

I would very strongly urge you to seek psychiatric help. Your irrational fears of illness are impressive and considering your long history of similar episodes related to other conditions in the past it is likely this is going to be a recurring problem for you. I would also doubt you are ready for marriage, on many levels.

Good luck. (I have the feeling you're going to need it.)

Dr. Bob

Panty Paranoia! Feb 10, 2006

Hi Dr. Bob,

I'm a bit on edge this morning after doing the "walk of shame"...I hope you can help ease my mind! :)

About 4 months ago I met this guy, we'll call him Ted (in the military town where I live, that stands for "Typical Enlisted Dude," and you can use your imagination about how they got that rep). Anyway, I personally like soldiers, and Ted is awfully cute, but when I first met him his friend told me that Ted takes a different girl home every night, so I made a mental note to stay away.

Well, over the past few months I've never seen Ted bring girls home or be disrespectful in any way, and recently he started flirting with me and we've been spending more time together. I've slowly let the sexual part of our relationship progress, but Ted isn't much of a talker and we haven't discussed our sexual histories, so I'm trying to be careful.

I slept at his place last night, and wound up letting him finger me and perform oral sex on me. He was also "dry-humping" me with our pj's on, but I was still worried about pre-cum leaking through. At one point when I was naked and he had boxers on, he tried to rub against me again. I stopped him right away, but I was a little worried that fluid might have gotten on me. Overall, though, I figured I was ok with what happened (I am a loyal fan of your forum and know that these things carry minimal risk), and I told him that I'd "return the favor" once I bought condoms, and he seemed fine with that. I told him I didn't want to do anything unsafe.

So...this morning I got up to use the bathroom, and on my way back to his room what do I see, but his collection of 5 pairs of women's panties hanging from hooks on his door. DOH! Now, I consider myself a pretty cool girl, and part of me thought this was funny. But an even bigger part of me, when confronted with evidence of his sexual conquests literally right in my face, about had a heart attack. And that, of course, is where you come in! :)

I'm feeling a little anxious about what happened now, and of course he's also expecting his "turn" tonight. I hope I didn't put myself at risk for HIV...and now I need to reconsider what I want to do with him, because I'm afraid that even using a condom won't make me feel completely safe.

What do you think, Doc...should I be concerned? Right now I'm thinking a big concern for me might be choosing better partners; I'm already in the window period for a previous encounter--the same things happened (being fingered, receiving oral sex), but this guy at least didn't have a panty collection. No, he just referred to his previous women by number instead of name. Charming, no?

I hope you'll respond, because right now I feel like a wanton trollop, and not in a good way ;) Much love to you, Dr. Bob!

Response from Dr. Frascino


A "wanton trollop"??? No, no my dear, you are not a wanton trollop or unchaste cocotte or even a licentious strumpet!

I agree your HIV risk from letting "Ted" finger and perform oral sex on you is minimal at best, especially with your "I'll return the favor" tomorrow night routine.

Seeing the five pairs of panties at Ted's shouldn't really be all that much of a shock, unless you thought he was a virgin. Besides, maybe the five Fredericks of Hollywood fashions belong to Ted. Maybe instead of "Typical Enlisted Dude," Ted stands for "Transvestite Evangelical Dope." Your safer sexual practices should be the same whether or not Ted's panties collection is on display or on him, right?

Should you be concerned? Not really, at least no more so than if you never saw the panties. After all, if you hadn't seen them, would that really make Ted any safer? Of course not!

Don't be on edge doing a "walk of shame;" rather, just always play safe and you can strut home like John Travolta (circa "Saturday Night Fever," not circa "Pulp Fiction"). However, if you do spend the night with Teddy, I would suggest that you make sure you have all of your intimate apparel with you before strutting home.

Stay safe. Stay well.

Dr. Bob