Hi Doctor

My wisdom tooth has rotted and needs to be taking out along time ago but it is still in my mouth. Can you your wisdom tooth cause infections such as tonsilitis, unuasual and frequent moist stools, tingling in your troat ect..

In the last few days I felt tingling sensation from the nerve from widsom tooth. I also had burning sensation in my hands, feet, thighs and armpit. can these be attributed to my rotten wisdom tooth which appears to be affected by bacteria? I have tested nagative for HIV 11 weeks after my first protected sexual encounter.


A severely decayed wisdom tooth can cause symptoms such as low-grade fever, swollen glands, etc. if the tooth is abscessed. It may even cause you to have a sore throat and a tingling sensation in the tooth, but the other symptoms you mention such as a burning sensation in your hands, feet, thighs and armpit would not be related to an abscessed wisdom tooth.

I offer a two part plan for your problem:

  1. Make an appointment to have he tooth out.
  2. Visit your primary health care provider to obtain an accurate diagnosis for the other symptoms.

Feel better soon!