Window Period/Value of Viral Load test and ELISA at 8 weeks


Had an unsafe oral experience toward the end of February, came down with Shingles March 1 and sore throat. At about 8 weeks, had the ELISA Hiv1 and 2 done, Negative, P24, Negative, and the doctor did a viral load, came back normal, less then <50 or he said undetectable. At about 12 weeks, had another ELISA HIv 1 and 2 done, Negative. Now at about 16 weeks, seems have possible swelling in one under arm, but hard to tell if it is actually lymp node swelling, just feels different, but no lumps felt. Original doctor said after that last ELISA test and those three ones performed at 8 weeks, probably not infected with HIV and underarm concern is probably not related to HIV. Your opinion please, nervous to be retested.


My advice is to get tested at 6 months following your last possible exposure and if it is negative forget about HIV and allow your clinician to consider more reasonable diagnoses. DW