Will sti virus transmit when I touch head of my penus


I worked as a bartender 2 weeks ago. A couple was making out in the club eg: intense fingering etc unfortunately I happen to shake his hand coz he was a regular to the bar. After 5 mins I went to urinate and same hand touched my top of my penis while urinating. Can u please advise me whether I should get any STD tests such as HIV hepatitis b, c. I know Hepatitis B can spread through body fluids and I'm bit worried and If I want to have test how long should I wait.

Thank you.


Thanks for your question,

It doesn't sound like you had any risk for any STDs from this situation. HIV can't live outside the human body. So even if the guy had vaginal fluids on his fingers when he shook your hand, it would've wiped off or died before he got to you. If you're still worried, remember that it would've wiped off or died on your hand before you got to the bathroom. If you're still worried, remember that fluid would've need to be pushed up inside your penis.

None of that happened like that though.

No risk.

Hope this helps,