will Semen culture will detect hiv virus in semen?


Hi Doc.

Its me again, I have mailed you my question earlier. but didnt receive any reply...

I am 34 yrs. I have been married for 4 years. I have no kid. Last week we had consult Doctor. He has asked me to take Semen Culture test. As he has analysis some infection in Semen. I would like to know whether Semen culture will detect hiv virus in semen.

My risk exposure is as follows:

8 months back I had sex with a girl of unknown status. I had sex with 2 condoms. While having sex, I kept of keeping watch of the status of condom. Before coming I had check the condom. It was ok. But after coming out, I forgot to check condom condition, whether there was any breakage/hole on condom.

2 / 3 weeks after this episode, I have developed abdominal pain in my stomach. Dry cough, body pain / joint pain (Fatique), loss of appetite completely. It last for more than a month. Consulted a doctor he informed as stomach infection and gave me some medication. However I have recovered.

But after more than 3 months, I have developed burning in my throat till my stomach, gastric problem, joint pain in arms and legs. Numbness in fingers and legs. Loss of appetite. Cough keeps on coming and going.

I am still having pain in legs...and arms. feel very much tried....

Kindly answer me atleast this time.



A routine semen culture test is not designed to detect HIV. Your doctor is most likely looking for a bacterial infection, possibly prostatitis.

My advice, if you have not already done so, is to level with both your doctor and wife regarding your extramarital indiscretion. It may well help your doctor diagnose your problem. Leveling with your wife is the best way to confront any guilt or anxiety you may be harboring about this experience and it's the right thing to do.

Your HIV-acquisition risk would be essentially nonexistent, assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not break. However, please note we do not recommend using two condoms ("double bagging"). The friction of latex rubbing on latex can increase the risk for condom failure. You can read more about this in the archives.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob