Will Procrit help?


Hey Bob,

Feeling really tired and run down lately. Will Procrit improve my energy level? I'm not HIV positive and have no idea if I'm anemic but I sure feel low. I broke up with my girlfriend. She caught me in bed with a guy. It really wasn't going to work out with her anyway. As if things couldn't get any worse, I was laid off from my job and for financial reasons and now I've had to move back in with my mother. My ex called her and told her about my sexual adventures. Mother who is Bapist didn't take the news well. She refuses to let gay books or movies in the house. She's even screening my calls. Thank god she doesn't understand computers or the internet! So what do you think Dr. Bob, should I give Procrit a try? Dirk



OK, Dirk, sorry, but it sucks to be you.

Your girlfriend finds you mano-a-mano with the UPS guy making a special delivery in the boudoir, so she calls your mother??? Dude, you are so right. It would not have worked out with Little Miss Tattletale.

And then after getting laid, you get laid off and have to move back home with the Church Lady? Damn, no wonder you're feeling down and out (or should that be down about being outted?).

Regarding Procrit, it's a wonderfully effective medication to treat certain types of anemia; however, you most likely are not anemic. To find out, you would need a simple blood test called a hemoglobin level. If you have less than 14 g/dL of hemoglobin, you are anemic. But again, I strongly doubt this is your problem. Your lack of energy is most likely due to situational depression. After all, Dude, you just had to move back in with Mom and now you have to sneak gay stuff into your bedroom? How about this forum? Do you have to sneak us in as well? We love it when guys sneak us into their rooms. It's so Baptist-sleep-away camp! Hey, there's an idea. Maybe your mom could send you to Baptist-sleep-away camp. Then you'd have two whole weeks of gay freedom! But if that doesn't work out, for the time being I guess you'll just have to grab your dick and double click.

Good luck, Dirk. I think you may need it.

Dr. Bob