Will this kind of touching trasmit HIV from my partner to my body?


Hello Dr Bob, I have just known this forum from my friends, all of them say that this forum is really worth reading and believing in, especially all the answers from Dr Bob. On this occasion of visiting this forum, I want to ask Dr Bob about my situation. I hope you could feel free to answer me because I'm now very anxious about my status. Yesterday, my partner came to my house, and we did some intimiate activity. I touched his penis, not directly. He still wore his underwear, and his pants outside his underwear, and I touched his penis on the top of his pants. I now don't remember that my fingers were dried or wet with his pre-seminal fluid, but I'm sure that if my fingers were wet, the quantity of his pre-cum fluid was not much because if it was much, I must remember now. Turning to my story, After touching his penis for hours, suddenly, I myself felt itched, and I scratched my acne on the top of my shirt. So I'm worried so much that: could HIV (if my partner is positive with HIV) go from his penis through his underwear, his pants, my hand's skin, my shirt to my acne and HIV will transmit to my body? Please, help me to reply as soon as you feel free, because I'm very anxious about that. I'm sorry if my English is not good. One more time, thank you a lot Dr Bob for sharing your vast knowledge to all of us!



So let me get this straight: You have no idea if your boyfriend is HIV infected or not, but you are "very anxious" because you're worried that his pre-cum might contain HIV and travel from his penis through his tighty whities and then through his pants and then onto your hand and then be transferred through your shirt onto a pimple and thereby infect you. Do I have that right??? Gosh, and who says we aren't in desperate need of science-based sex education and STD prevention education in our schools????

Your HIV risk is completely nonexistent. You obviously have a great deal to learn about HIV, HIV transmission and sex in general. This Web site is a great place to learn about those and related issues. I suggest you spend some time reviewing the wealth of information on this site, in its archives and on the related links. You've got some catching up to do!

Dr. Bob