Will I be infected both HIV and HBV from my "string" saliva?


Dear Dr Bob, First, I want to express my respect to your continuous help you have given to all the needed people. You're likely an angle. I'm in a panic. Please, help me to show the risk of getting infected with HIV and HBV in this case: Last week, I came to a dental clinic in Singapore for my washing dirt from all of my teeth, and it made me bleed so much. At the end of the washing, the dentists told me to rinse some water, subsequently throw it to the batch (lavabo). The problem was: during rinsing water, and throwing it out, my saliva which was viscous didn't go out completely from my mouth. I mean, after throwing water out, I saw my viscous saliva (like a string) had one head stick to my mouth, and another head stick on the batch (I hope you could understand my description). And right after that, the "string saliva" was split (cleaved) into two parts, one part may come bank to my mouth, and another part fell down to the batch. And I'm scared that, the part coming back to my mouth may bring some HIV and HBV infected blood of prior patients from the batch because it had just touched the batch right before split, and my mouth was bleeding a lot at that time. So I couldn't sleep for nearly one week and I nearly couldn't do my PhD program now because of that fear. So, I hope you could help me to answer how much risk I am facing with this "String" saliva. Could I be infected HIV and especially HVB (because I know it is very easy to be infected with HBV) if my "string saliva" touched that batch. Thank you so much Dr Bob. Ah, by the way, I want to ask you that if there is any limitation of the maximum money or minimum money if I want to donate some money for this website? One more time thank you so much.



Your worries about HIV or HBV infection from your saliva touching equipment in your dentist's office are completely unwarranted. Your HIV and HBV risk is nonexistent. I see absolutely no cause for concern or need to test for HIV or HBV.

Regarding donations to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org), there are no limitations on the size of the gift.

Be well. Now stop worrying and get back to your PhD work. That thesis isn't going to write itself!

Dr. Bob