Will HIV transmit trough water or animals?


hello doc.im now currently working in a fish spa where fishes are used to nibble away all your dead skin cells.my question is, will anyone be infected with HIV through the water used during the treatment if there is another person with HIV sharing it as well(both infected and non infected has open wounds)? is it possible that fishes transmit HIV to another person's open wound?



A fish spa where fish are used to nibble away all your dead skin cells???? You mean people actually climb into vats of trained piranhas?? OUCHAMAGOUCHA! HIV would not be a concern in this situation. It is not transmitted via biting fish or water in spas. However, personally, if someone or something plans on nibbling away on my kibble and bits (and other body parts) in a hot tub, they better plan on at least buying me dinner and drinks first.

Dr. Bob