Will I get Less tired?


Viral Load 244000, t cells at 565 (21%). Year ago I had 1200 tcells although there was an infection at time. If I start meds will I feel less tired and worn out?



Not necessarily! As it turns out, fatigue in the setting of HIV disease often has a multifactorial etiology. That means there are usually several underlying conditions working in tandem to zap your energy. The short list of energy zappers includes anemia; inadequate attention to basic daily needs of rest, sleep, nutrition and exercise; medication side effects; psychological problems, such as depression; hormonal problems, such as low testosterone, low thyroid hormone or adrenal insufficiency and yes, even HIV itself. My advice is that you review the information in the archives of this forum. There you will find detailed information about the common and not-so-common causes of HIV-associated fatigue. Make a list of these conditions and then discuss each one with your HIV specialist at your next visit. By identifying all the underlying causes and specifically treating each cause you'll have the best chance of recharging your batteries.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob