Will drinking your urine cure you from HIV?


Dr. Bob, Hi there, I wrote to you about 7 weeks about an HIV scare. I am feeling better, I had some tests and so far negative. I will wait for the 3 months mark and finally woohoo.
Anyway, I wanted to ask you your opinion in a topic. My mom suffers from cancer and she is doing research in alternative therapies, natural medicine, and all kinds of crazy things, to which I kind of oppose, but I dont have a rational way to say to my mom, look those researchers are truly nuts. Anyway, I was reading something with her the other night where a researcher from Mexico said there research showing that certain proteins present in the urine of pregnant women will block the progress of HIV/AIDS. I think I know what your answer will be, but how can I tell rationally that all this pregnant women urine drinking business is fake? Last night I thought what if I ask Dr. Bob about this and perhaps he can explain to me rationally this is BS? Also this researcher claims that if for example you are sick with cancer, your own urine will contain a peptide fraction in the urine sediment. This peptide will act as a cancer antigen and it could be used as a vaccine or therapy against the cancer. The researcher further say that the body will create a specific peptide depending on the sickness that is affecting the body, therefore the antigen found in the urine will be specific to the type of sickness. i.e. you are HIV +, you can find in your own urine the peptide that will be re-injected in your body to treat your HIV.
Have you ever heard of anything like this? I understand this is plain lunatic talk, but again from the HIV perspective or example how can I say this is BS with some scientific base. Please give me a hand Dr. Bob, I promise I will do the AIDS ride from SF to LA to raise a ton of money against AIDS.



Will drinking your own urine cure you from HIV??? Please tell me you're kidding.

Dude, I'm an HIV-positive HIV/AIDS physician specialist with over a quarter of a century of experience studying, treating, researching and living all aspects of this illness, right? Well, if a simple auto-urine frappuccino could "cure" me or Magic Johnson or any of the 40,000,000 others struggling with this disease, don'cha think we would know about it??? There's a good reason the whack-job "researcher" quack is in Mexico where there are fewer rules and regulations against such absurdities.

So B.S. is bullshit and S.B. is science-based. The only thing you need to know is that "B.S. does not equal S.B." No way. No how.

You and mom can enjoy your pee-pee cocktails if you like, but I'm willing to bet that the only result will be that you get pissed-off for being dumber than Dubya.

Dr. Bob