will antibiotics taken 1 week before the Elisa give false negative


Iam a 30 yr old male , I had a exposure to a girlfriend of mine on the 14th of April 99, and I took the ELISA and the rapid test on the 14 of December 99, and I was negative, but I took again on the 14 January 2000 as I was not sure whether the test would have given me a false negative for a flu and cough I had. (That was my second experience for my entire life upto now) I want to get married so I need to be sure that Ill be okay. (The DR. gave me Erithromicin Antibiotics).

My friend also goes down on flus very often as she claims she has allergy conditions, where she is taking a drug calles antihystemeine.(Iam just worried)


Antibiotics will not interfere with an HIV blood test.