My wife hass HIV


Hello doc, I am married to a HIV positive women. My wife was accidentally infected by HIV during blood transfusion during a car accident back in 1999. I am HIV negative according to the last month test report. I always had protected sex with my wife ever since I discovered she was HIV positive. But last night when having sex she applied some sort of gel before sex in her vagina. After that she opened the condom and applied it on my penis. My question is when she touched the condom there was a 100% probability that she had vaginal fluid on her hand. What if she touched the condom part where my urethra opening is there.Does this makes high risk exposure of HIV ?. After that we had a safe protected vaginal intercourse.

I just little worried that I can't take care of my wife properly if I have HIV through this risky exposure. Please try to help me Doc.


Hello and thanks for your post.

I'd think that your risk of exposure to HIV after this event is very small. It would be useful to know if your wife is on HIV medications (and has an undetectable HIV viral load); if so, your risk is vanishingly small.

In any event, I generally recommend that HIV-negative partners get routine HIV testing, at least annually, if not every 6 months.

I hope this helps. Be well, BY