WHOOHOO!!!!! (Please?)


Can I please Woohooo!!! I got an 88 day negative today by Oraquick/Oralsure (the pin prick one).

Here is a quick summary:

Exposure: Ill-advised encounter with a sex worker in Thailand which involved kissing, rather brief unprotected insertive oral sex, and protected intercourse (condom did not break or slip).

Symptoms (All starting at around 9 weeks): Red spotty, rarely-itchy rash all over my chest (persists, doctor says folliculitis) Swollen glands in my neck (which went away in a few days). Diahrea for one day the day after the rash showed up Sore throat Fatigue Very low fever a few times Postnasal drip (Constant) Cough (Almost gone now)

Testing History:

19 days - p24 antigen and hiv antibody - both negative 5 week - Neg Antibody 6 week- Neg Antibody 8.5 weeks - Neg Antibody 77 days Neg Antibody 88 days - NEGATIVE!!! Conclusive! Right!!??

Post-Test Concern: Today after my test, I talked to GF who tells me she has flu - headache, chills, severe fatigue, and diahrea. This is 17 days after we last had sex (always protected). I can be sure that what she has really is the flu right, and not conversion sickness from me, right? I mean 88 days, negative.

The nurse/counselor told me my results were conclusive, and no need to retest.

I just want to hear it from you Dr. Bob. Can I Woohoo!!! And Yabadabado!

Working hard to accept my results and become an ex-worried well, -t



All tests before three months would be considered inconclusive. Your 88-day negative test is definitive.

Yabba-dabba-do-woo-hoo to you.

Your girlfriend sounds like she has the flu! After all, the most common reason for flu symptoms is indeed the flu, right?

Welcome to the X-Files.

Dr. Bob