White tongue, thrush. HIV?


Hi, firstly let me say what a great site this is, as much i hate having to look here.

Anyway, been with a girl for 4 years we split up a year ago and got back together 6 months ago. We had other partners, i was safe im pretty sure she wasnt! Since then we have had unprotected sex numerous times.

I had a small rash on my penis and the doctor said it was thrush so i start looking at information regarding stds and find HIV symptoms. I also have a white coating on my tongue. To put it bluntly im shiting myself and have made a appointment for a test for us both next wednesday. Sould i be worried??

Thank you, i will let you know the results for both of us and a donation will be made.



Unprotected sex does carry a risk for STDs, including HIV; however, "a small fungal rash" or "white coating" on your tongue is no reason to soil your tighty whities!

Should you be worried? No, at least not excessively.

Should you get tested? Sure.

Should you stop searching for symptoms? Absolutely.

Remember, the reason to get HIV tested is having placed yourself at risk, not having "symptoms."

Thank you for your donation! (www.concertedeffort.org)

Good luck! Stay well.

Dr. Bob