Hello Dr.,

First of all, the type of questions that people are asking you are thankfully very focused on the same concerns that I have. Your responses have been very helpful.

In a recent response you mentioned that thrush and other forms of candidiasis tend to show up later in HIV infected people. I was hoping you could add some timelines to this.

According to some credible sources on the web, they indicate seroconversion can occur anywhere from 2-10 weeks after infection. Is thrush generally exhibited safely outside this timeframe or within?

This question is tied to a specific example. A female partner of mine exhibited singular white spots at the back of the mouth, beginning of the throat area, one on each side of the throat. Both resembled small pimple white heads minus red inflammation.

She also has severe allergies and someone mentioned it could be white blood cell clusters fighting the infection where post nasal drip had drained.

Does this sound credible from a medical standpoint or sound like any version of candidiasis?

Thank you, Mike


Dear Mike:

Whereas it is possible to present with thrush (candidiasis)during seroconversion illness, what you descibe does not sound like candidiasis. The explanation that was offered to you does sound credible.


ps Thanks for the positive feedback!