Is The White Liquid From Me Or Him?


Me and my boyfriend had sex yesterday. He used a condom and put it on properly and everything was well until he pulled out and we noticed white liquide on the top of the condom as well as on his pubic area. Im not able to tell if i had an orgasm or not because i simply cant feel if i do or dont. He is able to tell when he is gonna ejaculate because he warns me in advance and this time he said he didn't feel like he did because he usually does. We were both super scared and he took it off and i tried to see if there were any holes in the condom but i didn't find any and i ended up filling it was water and pressing it to see if water comes out anywhere and luckily none did, so i assume everything is well. Do u think that was me who had an orgasm or was it him who came and the sperm went from under it into me but again he said he didn't feel he ejaculated, and im supposed to be getting my period in 6 days so do u think its possible for me to get pregnant or was the liquid i saw on the condom from me? Because again i put water in it to see if there were holes and nothing came out.


Hi there - I'm sorry to read that a night of love making and connection with your boyfriend ended in fear and doubt. Perhaps exploring some facts may help.

Based on what you described, it appears the condom did not fail, leak, or break. You took great care to make sure it stayed intact afterward. Plus, your boyfriend reported he did not have an orgasm.

Most likely, the white liquid came from your own ejaculate. Some women express liquid from their urethra when they climax. For some, this consists of a small amount of milky white fluid this, technically, is the female ejaculate. Although typically this fluid is released with an orgasm, that is not always the case. (

In other words, it seems from this one encounter impossible for you and your boyfriend to have conceived a child. When in doubt, I'd also encourage you to speak to a medical professional, and find out if an emergency "Plan B" contraception is recommended. However, based on the facts that your partner reported not ejaculating, and the condom did not break or tear, it "Plan B" might be unwarranted.

I hope this helps you to relax, enjoy intimacy, and perhaps learn more about your body's responses to stimulation.