A Few White Bumps Just Inside Of My Rectum


Starting Around October Of 2000 I began to experience pain just inside of my rectum. When I would have a bowel movement It would feel like my anus was being ripped. I examined myself in the mirror and noticed that just inside of my anus (not externally but internally) there were a few white pimple like bumps and my anus was very swollen. Very Light traces of blood would be on my tissues after each stool. THis continued for serveral months, then the bleeding was gone, the pain during stools was gone, yet there's still slight swelling in my rectum and the white bumps are still there. What are they? I am only 20 years old. Could they be hemroids? PLEASE HELP ME. I can't afford a doctor right now.


I can't tell what you have from your description. Henorrhoids are just swollen veins and look pinkish like the rest of the tissue inside the rectum. The traces of blood on toilet tissue suggests hemorrhoids. If you can't afford a doctor, you could try some over-the-counter hemorrhoidal suppositiories, and see if that helps.