Hi Nelson, I have been on Truvada and Storcrin for the past 8 mths and yes my viral has drastically decrease from over a million to <50. My cd4 however is only 100. I read alot about whey protein help in the increase of cd4 count.

Which type should I look out for when choosing a whey protein or any brand will do? I am on Immunocal right now but I am curious if any other brands of whey protein is the same. How about those sports brands like AST sports VP2? Or can you recomend any?


The ACTG study was done using Immunocal, so I would keep using it. There was a non significant trend towards increased CD4 cell counts compared to placebo. The sample size was too small to make definitive conclusions.

My favorite whey is Isopure since it is very light. I am not fond of thick shakes that make me feel full and bloated.