Whats the risk of getting HIV from being fingered and rimmed


Im sorry for asking this question whick im sure you have answered.Im a gay male and I was rimmed and fingered by a guy. He was naked and played with himself off and on.Im not sure if he got spem on the finger that he used.But if he did can you tell me how much am at risk


Hi there In my opinion, rimming is not near the top of the list of actions that can transmit HIV. Saliva just does not transmit the virus and the mouth is not a hospitable place for HIV. Even a small amount of blood doesn't increase the risk significantly. Hepatitis A or B, gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes/genital warts are all STIs potentially contracted through rimming. In addition, because the interior of the anus hosts intestinal bacteria, rimming carries risk for giardia and other intestinal "bugs". Using dental dams, cut condoms, and lube will greatly reduce the likelihood of transmission of STIs and other infections.

Fingering is also considered a low-risk for HIV. I am not aware of any documented cases of anyone becoming infected with HIV specifically through this activity. If there are fresh, open cuts on the fingers, there would be some possibility of infection. However, since most of the time people don't have fresh open cuts on their fingers, this is generally considered a low-risk activity.

Hope this helps take care LHW