whats proper wieght for a female 4ft 11inches?


hello,i just wanted to get your answer to this question to put my gf at ease.lol, well she is 4ft 11inches tall and i love every bit of her, but she insists that she is fat. but i am sure she is just over concious. she is all muscle but still insists that she needs to lose 20 pounds, she is at 135 now. i think she is very beautiful the way she is, but i need an expert's opinion,, so basically, what is the proper weight for a female 4ft 11inches??


At 135lbs her body mass index is 27.5...this is classified (at least outside the USA) as overweight. To be in the 'normal' range a BMI of 20-25 her weight would need to be 99-124lbs. This being said the BMI doesn't full take into account build and muscle vs fat and so is only a rough guide. You can get you BMI easily at http://nhlbisupport.com/bmi/bmicalc.htm


Graeme Moyle