What Are the Symptoms of Gonorrhea in the Throat?

More often than not, gonorrhea in the mouth and throat has no symptoms. If there are symptoms, it may simply feel like a sore throat or there may be some discomfort when swallowing food. In appearance, there may be some redness in the throat or occasionally some white spots or whitish/yellow discharge. It may resemble a strep throat.

If symptoms occur, they may not appear for a few days and typically are noticed during the three weeks following exposure.

If one of your sexual partners has or recently has had gonorrhea in their genital area, the gonorrhea bacteria may have been present in their semen, vaginal fluids or the mucus membranes near their anus and rectum. If you have had oral sex or have sucked any of these areas, it's possible that you could have contracted gonorrhea in your mouth or throat. It's important to remember that not noticing any symptoms does not mean that you don't have the infection -- many people don't have any symptoms.

So if you know that a partner has the infection and you have had oral sex, make sure that the tests you have include taking a swab from your throat. A urine test or vaginal swab won't be enough -- it can only identify infections in the genital area.

People with oral gonorrhea usually do not transmit the disease to others.

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