Hi Dr Bob I have one quick question regarding how well does the HIV virus survive in chlorine water. I went to the indoor swimming pool other day and I didn't notice this when I walked in but there was blood on the ground foot print maybe someone had cuts or I don't know but some people were freaking out because there was blood so employee came in and cleaned it but it was all over the place. At the time I was swimming so I didn't really pay attention but employee had told me what had happened and I got scared also. If the virus comes into the swimming pool water does the virus die right away because of chlorine or does it take time to kill the virus assuming if I had drank some of the water when I was swimming or if the water had got into my eyes would I be at risk cathing the virus this way. Also I had put my goggle on the ground and maybe virus could of got on my goggle and I had put it on would that be a another risk because it can transmitt through the eyes. Sorry for my question being so long when I said it will be a quick one and thanks for the time to read my question. Thank you



The only way you could contract HIV in that pool would be by having unsafe sex with an HIV-positive hunky lifeguard.

Dr. Bob