WEL-CUM Dr. BOB: Molesting a urinal?


I don't know about you or anyone else who read that post, but I couldn't stop thinking about what this guy was potentially doing to that poor urinal. Plus, he was getting off on it to boot!

I've pissed in many public restrooms over the years. I can honestly say I never had precum dripping out of me while pissing in a urinal.

Maybe I should try it. Maybe we all should try it.

Maybe this guy knows some hidden nirvana resulting from this practice, while the rest of us are unaware.



That guy didn't sign his name, but I'm guessing it was GOP senator Larry ("I'm not gay") Craig.

Dr. Bob

WEL-CUM Dr. BOB Apr 28, 2010

dear Dr. Bob,

yesterday while urinating in a public urinal, some pre-cum from my penis hung down in a continuous thread to touch the urinal bowl. I moved back but the thread extended itself, ultimately i hade to shut Mr. Happy in to stop cut the wire short. My penis did not touch the seat. HOWEVER, ISN'T PRE-CUM A GOOD MEDIUM FOR HIV TO TRAVEL UP INSIDE ME??? I AM WORRIED, PLEASE HELP.

	Response from Dr. Frascino


Let me get this straight. You're actually worried that HIV would climb up a precum mucous strand dangling from your tallywhacker, because the stringy stuff extended all the way to a public urinal??? WOWZA! Dude, HIV is a fragile virus. It is not a Cirque du Soleil act! HIV cannot climb, swim or cha-cha-cha up a gooey strand of precum. Besides, public urinals are not a source for HIV!

Dr. Bob