weak, no appetite,no fever what do ya think?


Dr.Rob, I recently moved from Roch.N.Y.("smile-guy","Abbotts lover too"), to Ft.Lauderedale Fla. and have been sick most of the time w/ fatigue,night sweats, loss of appetite, cough, sinus,fevers, etc.. Could this be change to climate, I have been here 4 months? Thanks, Dave J.


Hi Dave,

Couldn't take those bitter Rochester winters anymore, eh?

Unfortunately I cannot diagnose the cause of your symptoms over the Internet. An appropriate evaluation would include a complete medical history, review of your medical file and laboratory studies, and a complete physical examination. I would suggest you consult a general internal medicine physician for an evaluation. Chances are it could be something as straightforward as a chronic sinus infection.

Ft. Lauderdale may not have Abbott's custard or Rubino's, but it does have loads of hunky-spunksters in tank tops and cutoffs trolling on great beaches. (So who needed all those custard calories anyway, right?)

Dr. Bob

"Smile from Rochester, N.Y." Apr 25, 2006

Hi Dr.Bob, I must say I am glad I haven't had to ask any questions as of late, however; today is another day, "right?" "smile" Anyhoo, I am in a quandry about my "AIN/Sqaumous cell situation". I go to the proctologist more than I care to, and, he doesn't even buy me dinner first. "smile" He has taken so many biopsies, removed a large growth, and still has me just using a "cream?" I am using Aldera cream, and, he says that it is complicated due to the HPV/AIN/Squamous. I feel so helpless, and, feel that while the "monitoring" is taking place something may be going on elsewhere, ie:bladder, urethra? I have read maybe too much and, I am also experiencing problems with my bladder as well. I guess my question is this, at what point does one go to an Oncologist, or, when does one decide to get a 2nd opinion? I feel I would have more appropriate answers? I am just left to understand that I am at a "monitor stage"-(I've been for over a year? lack of trust here that an Abbots ice cream won't fix, "smile"). I had to mention that just for you."smile" I may be over the top here, I just have no real sense of "real care" here? If not for anything else>"Hi". AND,Thank you! Dave("smile")

Response from Dr. Frascino

Hey Dave,

A second opinion is warranted whenever you aren't confident with your first opinion. It may well be that monitoring is all that's required at the moment. But if Procto-Guy doesn't have a clear plan for what he's doing, a second opinion would certainly be warranted. Your general internal medicine doctor should be able to recommend someone else to see. Alternatively you could go to the University of Rochester Medical Center for your second opinion.

As for Abbott's custard, it may not cure everything, but it can sure make challenging times more bearable.

Have one for me, OK?

Dr. Bob