We are so weak and all advanced symptoms, Now without diagnosis


Doctor please help us, I am begging you to help us You may have my previous emails that I have sent you; my risk was 17 months ago, I have developed all primary symptoms and now all advanced symptoms. All my tests were negative with my GF (Recently, HIV I, II COMBO negative, INCLUDING TYPE O 1, HIV I PCR RNA, Not detectable,1 month ago), Right now we both get tired even after getting enough sleep (10 hrs), not fresh in the morning, sleepy and tired at work, having very smelly mouth in the morning (Fungal Infections), coated tongue, upset stomachache, time to time headache, chest pain and recently the thrush is added to them, like white cheesy thrush around our lips in the morning that is becoming more and more my lymph nodes under my arms enlarges and becomes painful frequently, jolting muscles every seconds, a lot of sputum in my throat, and kidney functions problem (high total and indirect bilirubin ,according to my recent blood test) Dr, what else I can do for diagnosis? I got toxoplasmosis disease from a cat 5 years ago, could it effect on my late diagnosis? I have read that toxoplasmosis disease would be reactivated in HIV or infection disease againbut it could not transfer from me to my GF, so why her symptoms are exactly like me, I have omitted many other symptoms (we have) in above list as I have told you before I am scaring to death, I dont want to regret the time it is missing for medication right now, later may be to late



I'll gladly try to help you, but I have the distinct feeling you may not want to believe what I have to say.

  1. You are HIV negative. Your multiple negative HIV tests, including HIV-1/2/O and HIV PCR RNA out to 17 months from your potential exposure, are absolutely definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. Your fixation on this disease is irrational and unwarranted.

  2. From my experience, I can tell you that anyone who claims to have had "all primary symptoms and now all advanced symptoms" automatically does not have HIV (as proven by your multiple negative HIV tests). The virus doesn't work that way!

  3. Your previous toxoplasmosis would not affect your HIV-test results.

  4. Elevated bilirubin tests have nothing to do with kidney function. They usually reflect problems with the liver. Your doctor should further evaluate this abnormal blood test result. It is not HIV related.

  5. Many of your symptoms (fatigue, headache, "jolting muscles," etc.) are commonly seen in folks with depression and anxiety-related problems. If no physical cause for your symptoms can be found, you should consider an evaluation for psychosomatic illness. This can and does produce very real symptoms!

  6. If you continue to perseverate on HIV, despite overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that you are HIV negative, you should see psychiatric/psychological counseling to help you confront and conquer your irrational, unwarranted HIV fears.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob