We Can End AIDS: July 24, 2012 -- Washington, D.C.

Mobilization for Economic Justice and Human Rights

We Can End AIDS

On Tuesday, July 24th, mobilize in the streets for economic justice, human rights and an end to AIDS as the massive International AIDS Conference meets in Washington, D.C. Over 30,000 people -- from local D.C. neighborhoods, across the USA and worldwide -- will march together to illuminate the social and economic costs of putting profit in front of the resources, rights and policies that can end AIDS.

Together, we will call out to our leaders this clear, compelling truth: We can end AIDS in the next generation, through economic justice and human rights to bring prevention, treatment and a cure to all.

At 12 noon on July 24, we fan out in 5 distinct branches for non-violent collective action, pointing to what is needed to achieve this outcome:

  • End Pharma's corporate greed.
  • Start a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street.
  • Stop the War on Women.
  • Promote sound public policies with full funding.
  • Protect human rights, end mass imprisonment and criminalization and support harm reduction.

At 1 pm, we converge at the White House ... Join Us!

We're calling for the economic and social justice policies that would allow us to end AIDS. The world has the money and the know-how to end the AIDS epidemic now -- what we are missing is the political will. That's where you come in. Together, we can make change happen.

Bring your friends and neighbors, bring your families and your co-workers, but most of all bring your passion to end AIDS.

Join us by clicking here.

Transportation available from Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, New York City and across Washington D.C.

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