We Are the Experts: Why Latinos Living With HIV Need to Get Involved

Arianna Lint
Arianna Lint

I think it's very important to stay connected and do advocacy, advocate for ourselves, as Latinas.

Within the HIV community, in terms of advocacy for Latinos, and for rights or opportunities for Latino people, we do not have much representation because not many of us have been involved.

So it's very important, especially for Latinos, for immigrants, and especially for trans Latinas, like me, to be involved in the field of HIV -- because they are what's needed.

We are the experts who can dialogue together, and work together, to eradicate this.

This brief interview took place at the Positive Living Conference in September 2015.

Originally from Peru, Arianna Lint heads the Florida chapter of the Translatina Coalition. She lives in Fort Lauderdale and was diagnosed with HIV in 2006.