WBC numbers and total lymp


Hello doctor. I have been on stribild for 1 year, ud since first month. My cd4 started from 490 (%33) to 790 (%41) last time. My total lymphocite count was about 1880 last time. I had a nasty sinus infection with lots of colored mucus from my nose, I had a cbc done. Up to now, my wbc count was always lowish, like 5-6000 at most. This was 9600 wbc, near the upper limit, and neutrophylis were high with %70. My lymphocites were lowish with only %18 and a measly 1600. If %40 of these 1600 are cd4s I have about 640 cd4 in this result, right? Is this change from the sinus infection? Is this important or normal? Also, my crp was always very low, this time it came out 2.20 (limit is 0-5.0) so it is still normal range but it was always so low before, like 0,2 or so. Is this also from the sinus infection? That infection did a number on me, it seems?

I started on augmentin 1 gr twice daily and it cleared away my sinuses, I can breathe again, no more mucus or clogged nose. Should I recheck my cbc after treatment?


A serious infection could certainly affect the CD4 count and CRP levels. Although your approximation of CD4 count based off a total lymphocyte is correct, it doesn't substitute for actually measuring the CD4 count with the appropriate test. In addition, it is usually not a good idea to get a CD4 count when you are sick with something else because the number may not reflect an accurate number you had when you weren't sick. The CRP level is a nonspecific marker of inflammation in the blood. It can become elevated for a number of reasons including infections and other medical conditions. In general, for infections, once the infection is under control the level usually returns to normal.