WBC 20,000 - Start Meds Now?


Hi..I'm a 51 year old female, HIV+ 9 years, and I am not on any meds. Recent test results shows VL-17000,CD4-349,and WBC-20,000. My last CD4 was 726,VL-12,000,so is it safe to agree with my doctor that I should wait and see what sort of infection I currently have that is affecting my numbers - or should I not wait and start treatment now before I get an AID's type illness?


Thanks for your question.

A WBC count of 20,000 is definitely high, and suggests an infection (other than HIV). If I were your doctor, I'd probably see you (and your lab work) back in the office in a week to ascertain if this is true or if something more unexpected (with your previously normal CD4 count) is going on. BY