Watch Moms With HIV and Their Kids Share Positive Messages

This week, RiseUpToHIV launched its "My Positive Message" video campaign, showcasing minute-long messages of encouragement by people with HIV. Take a look at two vibrant videos featuring mothers who were diagnosed with HIV in pregnancy or when they were nursing an infant, sharing the screen with their supportive children who are HIV negative:

Malina is 27, and her son Matthew is 6 years old. "Regardless of what diagnosis you have, it doesn't change what you are," she says:

Melissa found out she had HIV when she was pregnant with Demetria, who is now 12. She encourages women to get tested, know their status, and both speak out against HIV stigma in their positive message video:

Here's how you can add your own positive message to the campaign:

  • Record your video on mobile phone, laptop/desktop computer or camera.
  • Keep your video to one minute in length.
  • Record in a bright space -- natural light is best.
  • Be honest, encouraging, uplifting and positive in tone.
  • Message your video to the RiseUpToHIV Facebook page, preferred.
  • Alternatively, email your video to or text to (614) 800-8660.