Watch Hydeia Broadbent, HIV Advocate Since Childhood, Put #HIVStigmaOnBlast

Hydeia Broadbent, a well-known HIV advocate, says that facing HIV stigma has given her strength.

"It enrages me, but it also inspires me," says Hydeia, who was was born with HIV and diagnosed with AIDS at the age of three.

In her #HIVStigmaOnBlast video, she recalls facing stigma from teachers as a child in the classroom, strangers on a plane and even friends in high school. "Kids in high school used to be afraid of me," she explains, "which I didn't know until after I graduated and people would tell me stories."

But neither stigma nor HIV is stopping Hydeia. She refuses to let it bring her down, so she's putting it on blast, "living my life boldly and unapologetically."

Learn more about Hydeia on her website or visit her on Twitter at @HydeiaBroadbent.

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