Warts on penis and HIV: Done much research & still VERY confused!


Dr. Franscino:

Thank you for taking time to read my post!

I have searched this website for an answere and can not find it.

I have read that STD's facilitate HIV infection. However the STD's that I have read about don't seem to include genital warts on the penis. I've heard all they (warts) do is lower your imune system and possibly give you some kind of psycological problems if they stay on you to long.

So I was wondering if genital warts on the head of the penis actually make it easier for an uncircumsized man to contact HIV (as do having sores from herpes or other other STD's). I am asking because I was recently diagnosed with warts and I have had some safer sex/lower risk (docking / grinding / mutual masturbation / limited genital to gential contact etc) encounters lately and I'm wondering if I should be concerned if the warts could actually turn something that is considered "safer" into something "unsafe"?

I have already made an appointment with a doctor to get rid of the little devils and I'm wondering if I should also get tested for HIV? The doctor I have seen does not seem to be up to date on HIV (he told me that as long as I ejaculate I could not get HIV because it would push it out of my penis and that there is no such thing as ARS (imagine that!) and according to everything I've read here that is a bunch of nonsense). I swear this doctor looks and sounds EXACTLY like Saddam Hussein -I think I even saw a sword in his office!

Thank you so much for any advice you could give me. As you can imagine my visit with the "Doctor" has left me quite confused.

God bless you and all your partners at THE BODY!



Your doctor told you what? Oh good grief, where did he get his medical degree? Perhaps in the mail from a home schooling program? And he looks like Saddam Hussein? Hey, maybe weve got something here. Your guy is an idiot, he looks like Saddam, and we still havent found Saddam, plus we know Saddam was an idiot as well, so maybe . . . . just maybe, its him! Call Rumsfelt! Are you sure you want this guy working on your Mr. Happy? I mean he does have a sword in the office . . . .

At any rate, what he told you is indeed nonsense. As for risk with genital warts, well actually, your sex partners were the ones really at risk for an STD. They may have contracted warts! And yes, HIV risk can be increased with warts, especially if they were traumatized or bleeding. Id suggest getting the warts treated (perhaps by someone other than Saddam and certainly not by someone using a sword), get HIV tested in 3 months just to be certain, and then continue to practice safe sex.

Dr. Bob