I am hiv+ with an undectectable VL and cd4 that fluctuates between 500 and 800...Never had an OI or any symtoms or side effects from my drugs (Viracept-Combivir) About 4 years ago I noticed what I thought was small moles around my rectal area. over the years they have grown to unsightly size and really arent a bother except for a nuisance and are now becoming a concern after reading about veneral warts. I know that veneral warts resemble little caulifours..these don't, they look like regular moles that have gotten bigger. Is there a difference? I dont see my hiv doc again for another month and will let him look at them but would like some kind of idea of what I am looking at here. and if they are treatable over the counter without surgery. Any help appreciated!! Thanks!!


It sounds like these lesions could be warts. Warts have a variety of appearances, and tend to get larger over time, but moles should not (unless they are cancerous). There is no good over the counter treatment for genital warts. They can be removed and/or treated with prescription medicine.