Wart and Moles -- what do they mean?


Doctor I'm the guy with the Two min intercourse and Jaundice enquiry. Thanks a lot for replying to that one. i'm grateful.

Doctor most of my rashes have subsided and my Billirubin has come down to 4 (SGOT 44,PT 56). The flaky skin has fallen off. But even now there is some itching here and there. One also gets that feeling of ants crawling in the body. The skin now on the arms, legs appears kind of shiny. I'm worried about all this and the appearance of small brownish blackish dots on my arms, 2 on the back, 1 on each ear and one even inside the cheek. These are small dots, they do not appear to be raised and seem very much apart of the skin -- one can`t really touch and feel them. I also developed a wart under my armpit. I do have a coated tongue and there's still some muscular pain specially the upper back. I also seem to be getting small brownish round birthmark-like spots at some places on my body. What could these be?

My physician tells me that all these are small lentigens/some moles that are appearing and are harmless. (He dosen`t know about my exposure)

Doctor what could these symptoms mean -- can they be due to my Jaundice, liver etc.? What do you think these dots could be? Can the appearance of these moles /warts and one dot even inside the cheek mean seroconversion or can they be due to something else also? Is the appearance on the cheek indicative of candidiasis?

My Doc says my Eosinophils(?)are high. What are these and when and why do they get high? Does it indicate HIV and sero?

I'm planning to get tested again but please help me. I've not been sleeping well and have been feeling very depressed at the thought of all this.

I don't have access to specialized HIV dermatologists or doctors. That's why you're the only hope and the only person I can get advice from?

Are there any HIV helpline numbers or doctors I can talk to on the telephone?


People do continue to develop moles throughout their lives, although this is usually confined to the outer skin in my experience, and not the mucous membranes. Kaposi sarcoma (KS) is typically purplish, not brown, and can be flat to slightly raised to bump-like, but KS does not occur with recent seroconversion-- it takes a while to develop KS. Thrush is white and raised and easily movable, and clearly not a part of your current problem. I don't know how you know the thing in your armpit is a wart -- that's a very unusual place for a wart and, anyway, warts are not a part of HIV seroconversion. The shiny skin is common after people exfoliate (lose skin from it flaking off). It sounds like your hepatitis is resolving and your liver enzymes are getting close to normal, even though you probably are still somewhat jaundiced with a bilirubin of 4-- but that will resolve as well. I advise you to hang in there, try not to let anxiety take over, and get retested in time. And then don't put yourself through all this by taking chances in the future! Good luck!