Waiting for the results! Just been tested! Really scared!


I got tested this morning and I'm waiting until the result of the laboratory is available on the internet! My story is: I engaged in insertive oral sex with a person who, I guess, bit the tip of my penis at the time! I didn't feel much pain, so I went on! When I got home, I looked at my penis and I almost fainted when I saw blood on it! After washing, I saw there was a really small wound on the head of my penis, and since then (March 06) I haven't lived decently, always afraid of having HIV! I've read a million pages on this website which talk about the unlikelihood of acquiring HIV through insertive oral sex, but I always think that I'll be one exception because of this! I always keep thinking that the blood was from the person, and not from the wound on my penis! At the time she was giving me a blowjob and when I kissed her, I didn't see or tasted blood, but my mind keeps insisting that the blood was from her mouth, and not from the wound! I don't know if you'll be able to answer it before I have the result (probably not), but I'm praying that it'll be negative! The only thought that doesn't leave me alone is that I've never had unprotected penetrative sex because I knew it was very risky! And I had always read that insertive oral sex carries only a low risk! And now, I'm pretty sure I'll be infected this way! All regards!



So despite reading "a million pages on this website which talk about the unlikelihood of acquiring HIV through insertive oral sex," you continue to think you'll be the exception. And now you're "pretty sure (you'll) be infected." Hmm . . . your excessive fears are not uncommon as you probably realize if you've been perusing the archives. What makes you so certain you'll be the exception to the rule? Well, as it turns out, you are not. I'm also posting your "WOO-HOO" follow-up below. Hopefully it will help other worried-well readers who are similarly convinced they are the exception to the rule.

As for your blowjob gal-pal, just whom were you allowing to suck on your one-eyed monster, Polly Piranha? She bit the tip of your tallywhacker??? OUCHAMAGOUCHA! I'll bet she doesn't get many second dates!

Be well. WOO-HOO!

Dr. Bob


I asked you a question some hours ago! About the insertive oral sex, when I was bitten and, when I got home, there was blood on my penis! I've just been reborn! Three months in hell and, now, after seing the big NEGATIVE on the internet, I can live again! THIS WEBSITE has helped me a lot though!!!!!! You are he best!!!!!!!!!

Response from Dr. Frascino



You've been "reborn"?? Hmm . . . does that mean you now have two belly buttons?

Glad you found the information here helpful. Remember to "pay it forward." That means take what you've learned here and through your experience and help spread the word about HIV prevention and awareness. If we all did our part, we could stop HIV cold in its tracks.

Be well. WOO-HOO.

Dr. Bob