Dr. Bob,

I had asked a question a while ago, but did not get a response. I know that you cannot answer all the questions but I just wanted to let you know that I have finally went and got tested and it is negative!!!! YAAAAA!!!! All that worrying for nothing...Thank you for all the work that you do here. I did however have another question for you. I have tried searching everywhere, but cannot find the info. Do you know how long STDs in general survive outside the body. I am just wondering if they can be transmitted through medical instruments that Dr.s use for vaginal PAP, and vaginal exams. I have major trust issues when it comes to the cleanliness of instruments( And i do have reason to question as what has happened to me in the past) Can STD`s survive in vaginal fluids outside the body and then be transmitted some time afterwards? Thanks for your help DR.Bob...Take care xox



Various germs can survive for different lengths of time outside the body. However, none of this should be of concern to you because medical instruments are sterilized before use. Your "major trust issues when it comes to the cleanliness of instruments" is unwarranted.


Dr. Bob