vitiligo and hiv antibody test. Dr. Young Please help follow up, one last time please give me your expert advice.


Dr. Young, I am just coming from the pediatric dermatoligist office. My daughter has developed a small white patch on her finger two months back, the doctor told me that it is vitiligo. It is a tiny white spot.

This is the same guy who asked you the question about my 3 and half year old who had a blood contamination incident.

She was tested at 6 weeks after the incident, we got the result the same day that it was negative and then she was tested at 5 months 20 days after the incident. I think the elisa came positive and that is why they sent it out to california and after 11 days the western blot was negative.

Here is my previous post link.

So now i am even more worried, as the doctor told me that it could be caused by autoimmune disease.

  1. Is vitiligo a symptom of hiv infection?
  2. can vitiligo be transferred from that blood contamination incident.
  3. Does Vitiligo affect her HIV antibody test result, as i heard some autoimmune conditions might affect the HIV antibody test result? If so do i need to get a PCR done for my kid. She is always on budesonide for her cold and cough. So now i am more worried about the budesonide use and now this vitiligo if they affect the HIV and Hepatitis antibody test result.


Hello again,

You have nothing HIV to worry about. Vitiligo is not associated with HIV, nor is associated with any blood contamination, nor affects the HIV tests.

Please, stop worrying about your daughter having HIV- it's only causing you undue stress and anxiety.