Hello Dr, I will start genvoya soon and i also take multivitamin but i read there could be interaction or something like that. the pill that i take contains most of multivitamins and mineral supplements needed. I'm 40 years old, please advise


A general multivitamin should be OK with Genvoya. Just make sure that it does not have large enough proportion of calcium or magnesium.

Genvoya is a one pill regimen that has elvitegravir (an integrase inhibitor, a booster, and two nucleoside analogs). It's the new version of Stribld that replaces tenofovir with TAF, a nucleoside that may have fewer kidney or bone issues.

Please read the following and talk to your doctor about this. Magnesium or calcium supplements and Integrase Inhibitors

Thanks for reaching out. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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