Virus in Urine?


Dear Sir, My lover of 13 years has just become positive and I remain negative. One of the intimate things we used to do was to drink each others waters (urine) as a kind of symbol of our intimacy. Since he is positive, we no longer do this.

  1. Is there virus in his urine or would I be safe to drink it ?
  2. Is there any possibility that his water may strengthen my immunity, a kind of vaccination effect ?

Thank you, Victor.


Hello Victor,

Technically speaking, urine is a sterile fluid, which means that it does not contain HIV, even if the person is HIV-positive. Consequently, barring other extenuating circumstances, there would be no risk of HIV transmission from ingestion of urine from an HIVer.

As for an immune strengthening or vaccination effect from ingestion of urine, no, absolutely not.

Dr. Bob