How long can the virus live outside the host? I mean If there is some blood in a shared bathroom (I practice swimming and I have to share the showers) how much time takes to the virus to die?, taking on consideration the warm tempeture and wetness in there, Im worried because sometimes I see blood on the floor or in the lockers, thank you for your time Dr.


The virus can stay around for awhile in wet blood. But, the issue, as far as transmission, is less the presence of an HIV here and and HIV there, it is inoculum, inoculum, inoculum. The amount of virus in a bit of blood on the shower floor is tiny. It would take much more HIV-packed blood, a nice open wound of your own, and some funky yoga poses to put the two together for there to be any action. Your skin is a remarkable barrier against HIV. I hazard to say no one ever was infected with HIV from drops of blood on a floor. DW